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Hovevei Hamusica –


Jerusalem Amateur Symphonic Orchestra

Conductor and Musical Director: Omer Arieli





The history of the Hovevei Hamusica orchestra dates back to the mid eighties when a group of amateur and semi professional musicians, residents of Jerusalem and the vicinity, started to gather informally for the purpose of music making. As membership grew up, the group gradually became a community orchestra focusing mainly on the best of the classic repertoire. At present, the core group of the orchestra consists of about thirty five players, joined by additional musicians, as concerts get close. The players' ages range from teens to golden age and they play under the baton of a conductor chosen by a ballot cast by the orchestra members, following an audition.

During the first formative years the orchestra's activity took place under the auspices of the "Youth Cultural Community Center" and since 1990 the orchestra operates at its present venue in the youth wing of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Among the orchestra members one can find lawyers, judges, teachers and educators, scientists, businessmen, public sector officials, retirees as well as new immigrants. The orchestra engages in community activities and performs in golden age homes, community centers and in various projects, in cooperation with the Municipality of Jerusalem.

The Hovevei Hamusica orchestra is a non profit organization officially registered as a charity. The musicians are volunteers and receive no remuneration for their activities. The orchestra is financed by the musicians themselves (monthly membership fees) and by selling tickets. the book keeping is done under the supervision of a certified public accountant and a special committee consisting of designated orchestra members, as required by the law. 


Jerusalem Amateur Symphonic Orchestra